Returned to Lassi for another crack at its fantastic inhabitants and for a week of tranquility and idyllic fishing. Having fished in France for over 20 years and visited too many venues to count there is always something special about opening the gates to Dave and Heathers piece of paradise. Standing on the lodge decking and looking out over the lake at the start of the week is a special moment. The fishing kicked off in a grand style with a lovely brace of 40 pound commons on Sunday morning and the action continued throughout the week, with no real bite time pattern making every minute of the day or night a time of opportunity. Sadly the week came to an end but with many memories both in my mind and on my camera I left with a sadness but contented and with happy satisfaction already thinking of next time …. Thank you Dave and Heather for sharing your beautiful lake and it’s wonderful prizes with me.
Darren Hodder – Date Posted: 01/11/2016
Week fished 24th September 1st October! What a week it was 26 fish landed including 1 60 2 50s 4 40s 12 30s and 8 20s! New pb common for me for this lake and new pb mirror for dad on this lake. All fish in stunning healthy condition. Couldn’t of asked for a better week! Will be a few years until I’m back out due to expecting my first child early next year but I know dad and Mick are buzzing for may already! Happy hunting all!
Tom Blackmoor – Date Posted: 10/10/2016
Another trip to Lagune lassi and another great weeks fishing !!!!!!!  The weather was beautiful and the lake looked stunning as always . Lagune Lassi is a lovely well kept fishery and the amount of wildlife is amazing but we didn’t get much time to look at it because we were kept busy by the fish. This time we managed to land 32 fish between us . We landed 1 sturgeon , 3 catfish to 65 lbs and lost a monster cat and the rest were all carp. I managed 3 carp over 40lbs with the biggest being a new PB of 48lbs – 12 oz common, was so overjoyed with the results but can’t wait to go back as l know there’s bigger fish in there. Thanks Dave and Heather for an amazing break.
James Douse – Date Posted: 17/09/2016
I traveled to Lagune Lassi on a trip with the owner and 2 other anglers and my grandad. This being our first trip to France and Lagune Lassi we didn’t know what to expect on our arrival. The lake looked stunning and the whole complex was clean. The cabin , shower , toilet were all clean and all you needed . We fished in the cabin swim which had plenty of space for 2 biveys etc. My. pb was 19lb and my grandads was 20lb. On Sunday morning I landed a 62lb  common. I was over the moon and later my grandad landed a 33lb common. We both had new pb’s and were overjoyed. The other lads had some nice carp too. Later in the week I had a second 62lb-07oz common and my grandad had a carp to 39lb-12oz.   In all I think approx 20 fish were landed all over 30lb.  We had a great week at Lagune Lassi and already booked for next year.  A big thankyou to Dave the owner, without his help we would not have had the fishing trip of a lifetime. Fished 20 Aug- 25 Aug 2016.
Jack watts. And Steve watts (granddad) – Date Posted: 02/09/2016
Intimate and picturesque was the impressions of the lake on seeing it for the first time. After a quick lap of the lake,  the lodge swim and laurals was the obvious choice of swims for a social weeks fishing. Plenty of weed showing but undiscouraged decided to work it with it, finding the holes and fishing these, there were plenty of clear spots to choose from as well. Plenty of fish showed themselves throughout the week mainly on the far bank. It was good to see them even if we did not catch them. But we did catch a few 18 fish touched the bank with 4 of over forty pounds with the biggest being 49 lb – 08oz. A common in mint condition, the smallest 19-08lb. and the rest mainly 30s. Also a few catfish, one dragged us around the lake like 2 fools in a boat and what fun it was. We lost a few fish to the weed, but had a fantastic week together. Weather, fishing, company, food and crack wise so much so that after not fishing for 5 years we are going again next year for another week at the same lake and swim says it all really. Big thanks to Heather and Dave from us all for allowing us to fish their lake, it’s really a special place to spend time. As well as catching fish, the Bailiff also desevred a favourable mention for his advice, knowledge and assistance and being able to talk fluent English to us poor talking French tryers. If he has not seen Allo Allo, he has now.
Les, Albert and Clive – Date Posted: 16/08/2016
Hi Dave. Having fished in france for the past 20 years and have fished many of the big named lakes. I can honestly say that lagune is up there with the best of them. Some of the best commons we’ve seen. Looking forward to returning asap. Also, we were very impressed with the set up. Many thanks.
Wally Paterson – Date Posted: 31/07/2016
Had a fantastic time at Lagune Lassi. Tranquil setting, good amenities and absolutely stunning fish. Managed 5,   38/14. 36/10 31/11 30/08 23/12 and made friends with Mr sturgeon at 29/10. I caught him 3 times and all together we landed 29 carp with 2 carp over the 40 lb mark 12 carp to top thirties. 4 new pbs between us.  A great trip, we will be back so roll on April 17.
Stuart Dea – Date Posted: 30/06/2016
Another great week at Lagune Lassi with good friends and great catches along the way thanks. Dave and Heather.
Chris Wake – Date Posted: 30/06/2016
Had a great weeks fishing at Lagune Lassi. Thankyou Dave and Heather.
Daniel Perkins – Date Posted: 30/06/2016
Another fantastic week at the lake was had on our recent trip, 3 of us went this time and landed 20 fish during difficult spawning conditions. 2 sturgeon up to 29lb, couple of small cats and the rest carp. Had mirrors over 30lb and the new lake record common at 69lb 11oz. I was fortunate enough to have the big common again and I’ve caught it twice only 5 weeks apart in 2016, and 3 times in 3 years! Great company and great fishing at this stunning. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!
Thanks to Dave & Heather who keep the lake looking stunning.
Already booked in for 2017 & 2018
Martin McMahon – Date Posted: 28/06/2016
This was our second trip with 3 of us fishing this time. The weather was a lot colder this year with temperatures the first 4 days being freezing at night with one day producing snow. The fishing was hard with daytime temperatures rarely getting into double figures for the first 4 days but we managed to land a 48-8, 35-11, 34 and a 30-6 with
a new species for me in the shape of a Sturgeon at 31-14. All in all we had 15 fish for the week. The last two days were tough with no fish landed which was strange as this is when it started to warm up. We all had a fantastic time with the new lodge looking great and a BBQ on our final day to celebrate my birthday! Thanks to Dave and Heather for the opportunity to fish a wonderful place!
Barry Skilton – Date Posted: 04/05/2016
We traveled to Lagune Lassi at the start of  March  to do some work on the lake and fish for short nights now the water has come up nicely. The weather was very cold at night with temperature’s to minus 5/6 and the water was still cold. We did manage to land 15 carp with two commons over the 50lb mark and 5 carp to top thirty’s. All in all a good week work wise and more fish than we expected.   By Dave Lander, owner.
Dave Lander – Date Posted: 07/04/2016
Good weeks fishing again at this superb venue. Nightmare start as first 24 hrs spent in hospital due to an infection. 2 of us traveled and landed 19 fish between us. Unfortunately didn’t get any of the big fish this time but had some great fish to 35lb. Cat of 45lb and a sturgeon of 28lb. Shame the big uns alluded us this time but will be back in April.
Mark Senior – Date Posted: 09/09/2015
I went with a party to the lake on the 28th August 2015. Although the weather had been very hot and dry for 3 months with water levels down and the weed grown, the lads still all caught over 10lb to 42lb carp. Also landed catfish and sturgeon to over 32lb.  All told a great week and can’t wait until next year. Thanks Dave and Heather.
Nick Bone – Date Posted: 28/08/2015
Thanks again for another great trip to lagune lassi keep up all the work that you both are putting in cos every year it just keeps getting better and better.
Steve Shiret – Date Posted: 28/08/2015
2nd visit to Lassi. 2 pb’s. Excelent lake, back next year with Martin and Mark hopefully.

Gary Hautot – Date Posted: 03/08/2015
Stunning surrounds, stunning lake and fantastic fishing. Already getting the dates for 2017 in the diary. Credit to Dave and Heather who maintain it to a cracking level.
Martin McMahon – Date Posted: 29/07/2015
Beautiful lake with some stunning fish. Keep coming back year after year and just seems to get better and better. Highly recommend this lake to any level of angler.
Mark Senior – Date Posted: 22/07/2015
We  travelled to lagne lasssi on 20- 6 – 15 and on arrival we found the lake and facilities  to be spotless. The lake  and swims were rubbish free and with plentry of space,  the fishing was a little slow in the days with most of the fish coming at night which was not surprising as we had a heatwave with temperature over 100 degrees. We did end up with  21 carp with two  common over 40 pounds in mint condition, ten carp over 30 pounds, seven carp over 25lb and, and 2 carp 0f top doubles.  All told a  wonderful weeks fishing in a well run fishery.  Thanks Dave and Heather.
Dave and Don – Date Posted: 06/07/2015
I do three trips a year taking four anglers to the lake this trip we travelled on the 09 may –  12 May.  On arriving at the lake swims were sorted out the first two nights things were a bit quiet with two or three fish coming out. The weather was hot in the days so the fishing was mainly at night .  Two of the group were freinds and fished the laralles being a double swim and the youngest had only been fishing for a year. All went well with all the members catching fish. The hightlight of the week was Jake Lyons the youngest member and only been fishing for a year coming round to me on the thursday morrning asking if i had some scales as his were not big enough. We went round and weighed a new LAKE RECORD COMMON CARP of  63 LB -12 OZ   WELL DONE JAKE LYONS   ps  This common carp is a totally different at this point in time we had three common carp over the 60 lb mark.
Dave Lander – Date Posted: 10/06/2015
Five of us travelled to Lassi between the 2nd – 9th May for our first French trip.  We fished the Lodge, Laurels, Bar and Poplars swims and the lake is a nice size so we were not cramped in anyway.  We managed to set-up before the rain arrived but all ended up crashing after the long drive.  I had the first fish on Sunday morning weighing in at 25lb 3oz but the lake went quite quiet for a few days and we all wondered whether we were doing anything wrong.  All of a sudden the lake woke up when the weather warmed up and we started catching some lumps.  We landed three 30’s to 38lb-6oz, six 40’s to 49lb-1oz and our biggest fish was a 59lb-8oz Common.  The two biggest fish were caught by the female members of the group too so the men were definitely out fished!  Overall we had 17 fish and 15 of these were carp with the average carp weight being 37lb-5oz.  Already booked to go back as the place is addictive!!
Barry Skilton – Date Posted: 21/05/2015
Week commencing 25/4.
Me and my buddy Rob headed back to lassi for our 3rd trip. Both hoping that one of us would break the magic 50lb mark with one of those beautiful commons that live in the pool. Such a great place to return to and shutting the gates behind us with a week ahead was a fisherman’s dream 🙂 Rob was off the mark first night with a 40 and then the second night my wishes were granted with one of the best looking and biggest carp I have seen. 61.8 common carp happy days. Some lovely carp continued to grace our nets throughout the week and as usual a thoroughly enjoyable week was had. Thank you Dave and Heather, it’s always a magical place to be!!!
Darren Hodder – Date Posted: 21/05/2015
Hi Dave. What started as a tough week turned out pretty well in the end. For the first few days the fish were few and far between. Nothing really showing and only 2 fish in the first 4 days coming on the first day in the shape of a sturgeon and a 38lb mirror. Then it all changed the carp slowly started to wake up first fish being 37lb mirror followed by the huge 63lb 6oz and NEW PB COMMON! We also had further carp to 38lb but what a fish! Can’t wait to get back out already!
Reay Blackmore – Date Posted: 29/04/2015
My friend and I returned to Lagune Lassi for the week 22/09/2014 – 28/09/2014. Love coming here, fantastic location, lovely and peaceful. Not far from town\village for suermarket supplies etc. The fishing is superb too, by no means an easy lake. Had 23 fish between us, a good mix of 40’s, 30’s and 20’s. New PB for me 44.12lb common. Mate also had one of the small catfish and sturgeon. All in all a great weeks fishing. Hopefully back out next year!!
Rob Farrier – Date Posted: 06/10/2014
Hi Dave,  thanks for another great weeks fishing. Was accompanied on this trip with Lewis, whose first time it was to France. Fishing started really well with Lewis landing his first 30 plus within the first hour of us being there. The fishing wasn’t easy but ended up with plenty of nice fish throughout the week. Also the weather was lovely and hot. Me and Lewis are looking forward to the next trip. my best fish mirror 40-00 lb  james  , Lewis new pb  mirror 38 lb thanks. Jim  and Lewis   fished 6- 13 Sept
James Douse – Date Posted: 21/09/2014
16/08/14-23/08/14. Returned to Lassi once again and as usual dave and Heather have added a few more things to the complex to make things a little more comftable. Also Arnold was his helpful self including getting me cheap tickets for the theme park as I had my two girls with me. The fishing started of really hard and had to really think about what we were doing but all came good with some effort. Between the 2 anglers we had 27 fish with two being commons of 44.08 and 48.05. Quite a few fish in the high thirties and a sturgeon of 28 this being the first we’ve had after several trips. Great place to fish and we are looking forward to next year.
Mark Senior – Date Posted: 15/09/2014
We  travelled to Lagune Lassi on the 30 Aug  –  4 Sept. I fished the cabin  swim  landing 8 carp  with 4 carp over thirty pound plus  and  a good looking  44lb mirror  carp. The others being top 20s.  Dave standing  landed mirror carp to 36lb and had  common carp of over 30lb. Thanks  Dave and  Heather.
Dave and Heather – Date Posted: 10/09/2014
We fished at lagune lassi Aug 2 nd – 9 Aug  the week started a little slow with only a few droped fish but picked up a we went on to land 24 plus fish  including 6 thirties and 2 forties the largest being a stuning common of 46lb plus. we had a great week in great surroundings , thanks agian  dave and heather  now looking at organising another trip !!!
Richard Loseby and James – Date Posted: 13/08/2014
We travelled to Lassi 26 July to 2 August. Weather was very hot for the first 3 days then we had rain. The fishing started slow but with the rain the fish started to feed. We had over 12 carp. The best fish was a 44lb 5oz mirror. We also had 5 fish over 30lb. The lake looked stunning. Booked for next year, can’t wait. Thanks dave and Heather for a great week.
Don – Date Posted: 07/08/2014
Thankyou to David + Heather the owners of the lake. I arrived to beautiful surroundings with stunning views. my swim was clean and tidy with plenty of space David is full of useful information and guidance as to where the good fish are! I caught my first mirror carp within hours of arrival.
All facilities are clean, tidy and near to hand. All food was catered for and much appreciated. I caught eight fish, two of which were in the high 30’s. I am already booked for next year and look forward to Davivd showing me how to catch three carp at once! See you soon.
Andrew Brinkley – Date Posted: 10/07/2014
I travelled to Lassi as part of a party run by Dave the owner. All the party had a great week. Dave Tunstall landed a 57lb common the biggest fish i had common carp to 35lb plus and lost some good sized fish a mirror carp approx mid to top thirties. We all had carp and catfish the lake is stunning with good food we have all booked for next year. Dave the owner made the trip he put us all on the right spots to catch fish thanks. Nick.
Nick – Date Posted: 09/07/2014
Week at lake was great fishing was hard and sun was to hot but caught 5 fish to 36lb 10 oz carp 72lb cat lost 14 due to conditions but thats fishing.
Ronnie Scofield – Date Posted: 06/07/2014
Two of us traveled to lassi mid June the weather was very hot over 90degres but we still took 18 carp to over 43 lb and some cats to 78 lb the lake looked a picture can not wait for my. Next trip July thank you Dave & heather.
Dave Polton – Date Posted: 04/07/2014
Another good week at Lassi for Dave and myself, Dave had 9 fish 3 of them mid to high 30’s, I had 12 fish the best a 43lb mirror had some very hot weather for 3-4 days that made the fishing a bit harder the cats put in an appearance so Dave and I had a lot of pussy that week lol.
Chris Wake – Date Posted: 01/07/2014
Another Fantastic week at lassi! 3 of us went on this trip, although we had to work harder for the fish, we certainly got our rewards. We ended on 39 fish, 5 cats biggest we’re 93lb and 102lb. 34 carp with the best being 42lb, 54lb and a new lake record and first ever 60lb common from lassi tipping the scales at 60lb 3oz! Amazing week. Back in 10 weeks….
Martin McMahon – Date Posted: 31/05/2014
We went to Lassi for the fourth time this year and yet again had a fantastic time. We managed 36 carp to 41.9oz and 2 cats to 73lb this venue keeps producing great fish and always offers great sport. My 5th trip is already booked.
Dan Porter – Date Posted: 31/05/2014
Hi Dave tough weeks fishing rounded off by some great fish. 12 fish landed between myself and dad. Cat fish to 80.11 and dad smashing his p.b common again with a 58lb 14oz. I had cats to 64.13 and carp to 38.14. Over all a hard weeks fishing but some great fish on the bank once again and can’t wait to get back out!!! Tight lines!
Tom and Reay – Date Posted: 30/05/2014
We went to Lagune Lassi 19 – 26 April. Had a super week with a new lake record of 59lb 12oz also had 50lb common & 44lb common with few 30s and a nice 62lb catfish plus a 27lb stergeoun. Can’t wait book up again thanks very much to Heather and Dave.
Mr D . Purday – Date Posted: 01/05/2014
Thanks to Dave the owner for taking me to the work party to open the lake this year. We had a great time getting the lake ready. The fishing was hard this year as the water was high and cold at the end of March early April. The fish were in and behind the reeds where the water would be a little warmer and covered. Dave the owner fished the Laralls taking five carp over the 30lb mark the two mid 20s. I fished the bar swim taking 4 carp to over the 50lb mark (a stunning scale perfect common ) and a cat of 59lb. Again thanks for a great week cannot wait for my next trip in June.
Mr D. Polton – Date Posted: 14/04/2014